Portavant 80 automatic

Reference no: portavant 80 automatic

Portavant 80 automatic Technical

Automatic sliding system.

AUTO MOVE - Opens and closes the door automatically, silently and reliably

– so you can keep your hands free for other things.

SAFE USE - The intelligent control for your safety: Reacts immediately if

the door touches an obstacle during automatic closing or opening. The low

kinetic energy mode means it easily meets all standard safety requirements.

PLUG & GO -  The solution for electrical connection and configuration without

specialist knowledge: Facilitates the electrical connection in just three plug-in

steps while the display guides you through the configuration

MODE SELECT - The choice of the operating mode in line with your requirements:

Allows you to decide whether a motion sensor, push button, remote control

or the Push & Go function should be the “open sesame” for your automatic door

and which door function is triggered by the pulse.

SYSTEM FIT - The modular solution for your installation project: Offers solutions

for almost any installation project with modular system components which can be

combined in a variety of ways.


push & go push button radio remote motion sensor

Push up                                   Button                                      Remote                                  Motion Sensor





wall mounted ceiling mounted

Wall mounted                                                                        Ceiling mounted


ceiling light glass mounted

Ceiling mounted with fixed glass                                           Glass mounted installation




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