Reference no: SV-LINEAR


It is ideal for lightweight or medium weight dividers and doors for home or commercial use.

The perfect combination of smooth, quiet sliding and a minimalist, contemporary aesthetics. It is known as Linear due to its perfect integration into the environment, with only two visible lines.A top track in anodised aluminium. The back of the track is fitted in the wall, while the front consists of a cover available in various finishes designed to conceal the entire mechanism completely. Side covers also available in different finishes. For panels weighing a maximum of 100 kg and 3m in height. There is a possibility of installing a Softbrake (damping brake) to one or both sides of the door (max. 80 kgs /panel) to provide soft damping in the last 100 mm of the panel’s run. Ball bearings and bottom guide for 8mm and 10mm thick glass panels.


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