Reference no: SV-X70 / SV-X80

SV-X70 Suitable for glass panels of 8-10mm in thickness, and to a maximum weight of 70Kgs, the SV-X70 conceals all of its sliding components within the top track,
giving a pleasing aesthetic appearance. There is a choice between an anti-shock braking system and / or a softbrake function, thereby providing an advanced and pleasing sliding action, whilst at the same time enhancing safety;Double softbrakes, providing both soft opening and soft closing can be installed on a frameless glass panel to a minimum width of 635mm. SV-X70 is offered for both ceiling and wall mounted applications; for wall mounted installations, the system offers a unique feature, in that the distance between the wall and the glass panel can be adjusted between a minimal 16mm up to 24mm depending on design requirements, thereby adding a useful versatility to the other benefits of the system. SV-X70 is offered in two top track finishes; Satin Anodised Aluminium and a premium Brushed Stainless Steel Aluminium finish.

SV-X80 is a system of high quality suspended frameless sliding glass doors. Ideal for lightweight or medium weight dividers and doors for home or commercial use.
A solution with the special feature of having its mechanism and Softbrake (damper brake) completely concealed within the guide. The damping brake cushion can be fitted on both sides of the door (minimum 1000 mm for the double Softbrake ) even when the solution is already installed. With a maximum of up to 80 kg of weight
per panel and for 8-10 and 12 mm thick glass, the SV - X 80 has profiles of silver anodised aluminium with side grooves that allow the cover trims to be secured and removed more easily. In addition, the clamps are ready for installing with or without Softbrake, they can be adjusted vertically and their ball bearings system enables smooth sliding.


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