Classic Glass

Reference no: SV-A40 / SV-A60 / SV-A80 / SV-LARGE / SV-L


Ideal for lightweight or medium weight dividers and doors for home or commercial use.

A wide range of securing mechanisms and aesthetic finishing components, designed to adapt perfectly to any type of design requirement. Standard applications for panels of 40, 60 and 80 kg in weight per panel respectively. There are different options for top tracks depending on the requirements of each installation. There are also options for a fixed panel (F) thanks to the addition of tracks for this solution. Optional covers in various finishes to hide the top track and the fittings; and also the possibility of incorporating side covers that allow an orderly and aesthetically pleasing attachment solution. Vertical adjustment, in this case of +/- 2mm. Availability of three different bottom guides and the possibility of installing a softbrake (damping brake) for the last 100 millimetres of the panel’s run. No drilling of glass required.


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Compact sliding solution for frameless glass panels, combining latest technology with an attractive minimalist design.

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