Reference no: 952641


 Fitting for sliding doors bear weights of up to 400 kg.



Wheel fitting made of stainless steel visible for floor guided sliding doors with door leaves made of glass, wood or mineral materials. two flat stainless steel wheels, either with diam. 120 mm or with 160 mm available, are fitted on both sides of the door leaf at its lower edge. The ball beared wheel discs are guided in a grooved floor track that is made of grey polyamide or hard wood. These tracks are either fitted flush into the floor or are fitted on the floor. door load is transferred
entirely into floor. U-profile ceiling guide prevents the door leaf from lifting out. central ball bearing block is positioned in a cut-out of the door leaf and is tighthly connected with one of the two wheel discs. The second wheel disc is connected via a central screw with this ball bearing block. All bolted connections are designed invisibly. All visible surfaces are finely processed and brushed matt.


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