About DIEM

DIEM was founded in 1997 as a private company for the purpose of trading with goods and services.

The motto  of the company "If you build it, it will come" serves the goals of the company - helping the clients via sophisticated, high tec materials, products and technologies in the fields of : interior glazing, interior design, retractable roofs, furniture production (all made and designed from leadind brands)



The main goal - working with attractive and custom materials for interior and exterior, glazing, furnishing and distributing it all across the country as well as the Balкan Peninsula:

  • Serbia
  • Romania
  • Macedonia
  • Greece

The materials which Diem LTD brings to the Bulgarian market as te only or main distributor, include: glass door fittings from stainless steel, sliding systems for glass and wooden doors, furniture fittings, Master key system, alluminium sistems for retractable roofs, 3D gypsum panels, and many more materials for architecture and design. Diem LTD has a wide range of distributors across the country.


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