Diem   .........................    beggining  

Long time ago we started with idea to introduce more opportunities for renovation of houses and apartments , using glass and fittings . Practically means more solutions with different class of fittings .

But most important was to break opinion , that glass is luxury product for limited group of people. 

Successfully realized our ideas and didn't stopped. 

Decided to continuously moving to change and answer of few question : "What difference we offer ?" , 'How attractive we are  ?" , "Which actual needs we are solving - for us and for the market?", "What means for us and our customers Value added service ?"

And we did it !



The shower cabin is a key element in every bathroom. We are well aware of the importance of small details.

Retractable Roofs

Letting the "sky" in!

Printed glass?

Unique combination...great vision!

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